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SRP SilverClean Silver Zone Spray - 1 Oz



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SRP SilverClean Silver Zone Spray - 1 Oz.

Take this bottle with you while on the go to help eliminate odors. Toss into a gym bag, bat bag, or just in the car for when the occasion arises. Using the power of natural silver, SRP developed technology that releases nanosilver ions that safely eliminates odor causing bacteria on sprayed surfaces. Use inside of smelly shoes or boots, spray onto hunting clothing, inside gloves, and anywhere odors linger. It is safe to use as no harsh chemicals are used in this product. Reapply as needed. Allow 45-90 minutes to eliminate odors. Available in 1 ounce spray bottle.

  • 1 ounce spray
  • Odor eliminating
  • Reapply as needed
  • Allow 45-90 minutes to work
  • Generously spray
  • Anti-odor power of natural silver
  • Spray on clothing, inside gloves
  • Spray into boots, helmets

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