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Spenco Cross Trainer PolySorb Replacement Insole



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If you are looking for great support and cushioning for your shoes then pick up these PolySorb® Cross Trainer Replacement Insoles. Just remove the original insole from your shoe (some brands glue the insole to the shoe but careful removal will not damage the shoe) and the use the original as a guide to trace and trim. This insole provides additional maximum cushioning at the heel strike. The molded polyurethane base absorbs shock and supports the arch.

  • Classic PolySorb® that provides Maximum Cushioning
  • Air-injected Spenco® Material for the ultimate in long lasting cushioning
  • Molded Polyurethane base for moderate support
  • Ultra-Fresh Sipure-Exceptional odor control through advanced silver-based antimicrobial
  • Low friction fabric to help reduce blisters and calluses
  • If necessary, hand wash with warm water. Air dry.

Style # 38-034

Spenco Insole Sizing Guide**
Size 4 5 6
U.S. Womens 11/12    
U.S. Mens 10/11 12/13 14/15

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