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Blackhawk Right Hand Leather Inside the Pant Large Auto Holster



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Blackhawk Right Hand Leather Inside the Pant Large Auto Holster

Are you looking for extreme concealability? Look no more! This black leather inside the pants holster is the perfect choice! The angle-adjustable belt loop is mounted to the reinforced upper body of the holster for added stability. With an adjustable tension screw for customized retention, it features a built-in shirt shield for increased comfort and to protect your weapon from sweat. It allows for a variety of carrying options including inside the pants, strong side, cross draw, and appendix carry. Less bulky than other leather inside holsters, the injection molded sight track provides for a smooth draw and re-holster. Designed to fit Colt Govt 1911. Available in black.

  • Leather
  • Inside the pants design
  • Right handed
  • Fit Colt Gov 1911 and most Clones
  • Angle adjustable belt loop mounted to reinforced holster body
  • Adjustable tension screw
  • Built in shirt shield for comfort and weapon protection
  • Middle of the back, strong side, cross draw, or appendix carry
  • Injection molded sight track, less bulky
  • Smooth draw and re-holster
  • Black

Style # 420401BK-R

Collections: Holsters, Shooting

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